Enclosed Cold Air Passage System
Enclosed Cold Air Passage System

Enclosed Cold Air Passage System


The data center consumes huge amounts of electricity. To achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, the data center standard recommends it should be equipped with hot and cooling passages to dissipate heat, that is, the cabinets are placed face to face and back to back, face to face to form a cold air channel, and face-to-face placement of cold air channel floors has an air-conditioning outlet. When the cool air comes out from the outlet, it enters the cabinet through the mesh door to dissipate the heat. The hot air after dissipating heat is exhausted from the back of the cabinet. Due to the high density of hot air, the hot air flows upward and is sucked by the air-conditioning through return air outlet at the top. In this way an airflow cycle is formed.


  1. Flexibility: modular design, easy for future expansion, upgrade and maintenance

  2. Intelligence: Integrated fire-fighting linkage system, access control system and power environment monitoring system, which can perform on-site and remote intelligent detection of all micro-environments

  3. Safety: transparent tempered glass materials for the production of access doors and windows, explosion-proof film is sticked on the tempered glass; all materials have achieved UL94-V0 level of flame retardant

  4. Convenience: Sliding or revolving door selection,zz automatic and manual opening settings, easy to move equipment

  5. Energy-saving: Fully isolate hot and cold air flow, greatly improving the utilization of cold air

  6. High capacity: The capacity of a single rack can reach 10KW


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